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Video / Photos: Wheels @ The Finsbury – 15/03/2014

Wheels climaxed their Finsbury set on 15 March with a storming version of ‘We Can Never Go Back’. Lost in the Manor braved the flailing limbs and flying mic-stands to get right up close to the action. Watch it here

Photo / Film: Chris Musicborn @musicborn

wheels 1

wheels 2

wheels 3

wheels 4#

wheels 5

Video / Photos: Keymono @ The Finsbury – 13/03/2014

Watch Keymono’s awesome rhythmic digitalism in full swing as the infectious ‘Bubble in Trouble’ is filmed live and exclusive by Lost in the Manor at The Finsbury on 13 March

Photos, Video: @musicborn

key 3

key 1


key 4


Ghost Beach Session

LazyTalk at The Finsbury 26/10/13


It’s hard to see how LazyTalk could become any more efficient at what they do. The band’s populist blend of ska-punk, drum’n’bass, British hip-hop and Jamie T-style street smarts is perfectly forged to whip up any crowd, including that at the Finsbury this Saturday night. Throw in a couple of anthemic, terrace-ready tracks, such as ‘Luzaville’ and ‘Memories’, and you’d imagine it’s only a matter of time before some sharp svengali picks up the band and runs with them. Frontman Piers Robinson has assembled a fluid quintet of skilled rebel-rousers, of whom the trump card could be keyboardist Josh, who took time out to blow gear-shifting sax solos when the tune demanded. Meanwhile, Piers wrapped his tongue around contemporary grievances ranging from the corporate dilution of pop to the perils of the pre-dawn bus-ride, all keenly observed and addressed in quickfire prose. Reappropriated covers of hits by Ini Kamoze and Dawn Penn (I’ll leave you to guess which ones) gave clues to the band’s roots – and there was certainly a punky reggae party at their rhythmic core – but LazyTalk picked and mixed from myriad sounds of modern urban Britain. Most of it was delivered strictly to crowdplease, and although the doubling up of tempo following a languid intro was a trick somewhat overdone, it never failed to lively up the dancefloor. An unashamedly bang-on-it good-time act with fire in their bellies and brains behind the beats, the five-piece put a smile on the face of a sweaty Finsbury, just as they did last time they played here some 18 months previous. This is a band who, by now, should surely be instigating knees-ups at bigger venues nationwide. LazyTalk just need an action plan.

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June Highlights at The Finsbury

Even with this disappointing-more-like-autumn weather, June is just around the corner.
But have no fear, we will no doubt warm up your spirits with the exiting and fun music nights that we’ve prepared for you this month.

Please allow me to highlight some of our “must see” events and bands that will make their appearance at The Finsbury this June.

Proud to be hosting the Extra Curricular Album Lunch on the 1st of June, we couldn’t ask for better way to start the new month. If you’re wondering why, you should see for yourself.

Extra Curricular

On the 6th of June we will welcome Daytona Lights with their energetic and upbeat sounds. Supporting them will be Atlas with their exotic mixture of melodies and eclectic harmonies.


I can not tell you how excited I am, for playing on the 9th of June are the band I have been waiting to see live for quite some time now. Fresh from being played on Amazing Radio, Buzzard Lope will definitely deliver summer feel to our doorstep.


Come and listen to Jocie Juritz’s angelic voice in another soulful acoustic act on the 18th of June.

Jocie Juritz

Kadija Kamara will perform her alternative soul set on the 20th of June. Smooth, swinging notes and cacophony of instruments will bring you one step closer to the weekend.

Kadija Kamara

I can not think about better way of ending June than with the pure, enchanting sound of Babilondon, Saturday 29th of June.


Hopefully, by this time, the sun will rise high and summer heat will be upon us. Until then, enjoy…..

To listen please click on the link of listings

See you all at The Finsbury

Lost in the Manor May Podcast // Recorded live at The Finsbury

Lost in the Manor’s monthly review : May

Reviewed by
Chris Musicborn (The Finsbury Promoter & Musicborn Social Network Co-Founder)
Alfie Evers (Writer)
Julien Barraness (The Finsbury Sound Engineer)
James & The Peach (Guest)

May – Lost in the Manor // Music Review Podcast by Lost In The Manor // Podcast on Mixcloud

Tracks this week include
* The Slow Revolt – This dark matter

* Buzzard Lope – Milstone

* Sea Stacks – The high tide

* More Like Trees – Once

* Interview/Live Session – James & The Peach – Don’t leave me now
* Modest Ike – Cold blooded killer

* Dear Pariah – So close the divide

* The Shallows Thieves

To submit tracks for review – email