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Bear Funny Comedy Edinburgh Previews: Matt Price / Eleanor Tiernan

17th May
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Edinburgh Fringe Festival Previews (2 shows in one, each up to 50 minutes long)
Matt Price (Stand Up/Storytelling)
Eleanor Tiernan (Stand Up)

Matt Price : The Weed Fairy
My Dad is known by West country Police as Anthony Price AKA the “Weed fairy.” He was arrested in July 2016 for the 12 organically grown plants that he had in his greenhouse. He has never been arrested before. This is a David and Goliath story but it’s also a show about pride and learning to let go of the past. It’s sweet and it’s heart warming. It involves a life coach, a pensioner and a skateboard. So it’s quite a journey. And guess what? I don’t take drugs. So it’s not really about that. It all started in 1860 with a family feud that has lasted for five generations. Our family have fought to stay in our house under a protected tenancy and thanks to Barry the builder and a *$%£ of a landlord, the 70 year old Weed Fairy could have lost everything. I tell funny stories. So if you like long form narrative, with plenty of laughs, then you’ll like this. It is very funny but has a bit of heart to it. I’m from Cornwall, so spinning a yarn is something that I’ve always done and have a knack for. I’ve had reviews from all over the world saying that I’m good at what I do. But I want you to come and see for yourself.

Here’s what some reviewers have said about my previous solo shows :
"Arguably, one of the best storytellers on the circuit." ★★★★ Artshub Australia
“Storytelling comedy, necessitates a level of honesty I like. And Price is one of the best at it around.” - Scotland on Sunday
"Price is a terrific comedian and wonderful storyteller...” ★★★★ Kate Copstick, The Scotsman
"A lovely rapport with the audience, good pace, rhythm, a wide and appropriate vocabulary, excellent structure and plot, and he’s articulate and personable and friendly...I don’t understand why he isn’t better known” ★★★★★ One4review