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Lost in the Manor: Balothizer + DJ Danger

11th January
Free Entry
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Balothizer (LIve)
DJ Danger (DJ) 

Balothizer is an electric power trio founded in London at the late 2016 from bass player and vocalist Pavlos Mavromatakis and lute player Nikos Ziarkas, later the line up was completed with drummer Steve Bongo. The concept was captured due to their shared passion of Cretan music and their need to create something else through this tradition. After being active for years in the world and experimental scene of London together with a collective of musicians they’ve created a new audience for Cretan music in London. The audience has described the music as Cretan-thrash, post-Punk and the phrase ‘Cretan Music From Hell’ was born as well as the band’s name Balothizer*. What characterises their music is the amplified heavy sound and the rawness of Cretan Music, which they draw influences from. WATCH

DJ Danger aka OSHAN DANGER MAHONY is The Turbans 6th best guitarist, but their best DJ. With a sense of music infused with Celtic craziness, Middle Eastern energy, Mediterranean muscle, Persian perfection and Indian inspiration he weaves a tapestry of the funkiest, bounciest, melodically thrilling music that lifts a party and raises the roof. Some people call it Near Eastern Madness others Middle-Hipster. It's that sunrise feeling...a new day of joy beckons after a night of bliss and bass!! LISTEN TO THE MIX